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・Hello, and welcome to my LJ
I will say this first-- I don't update my LJ everyday.
I use my LJ account to enjoy the LJ Arashi fandom, and just hang around XD.

・As you can tell...
I AM ADDICTED TO THE FIVE AMAZING BOYS.♥ (my ichiban being Jun :P)
I definitely have a serious case of Arasick.

・My LJ is kind of boring, but you could probably find some translations of things such as lyrics, articles, etc. But they are f-locked, so you will have to add me in order to see them.

・Though Vox is closed down now, and I don't like TypePad enough to use it, my Vox account was HaruJun. So if you know me from there, please do stop by and talk to me :)

・Recently, I've been very busy with school and have been dead from the fandom. But I hope, now that I can post from my cell phone, I'll be more active!

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